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We started this company to be just what the name states; Reliable. There are too many stories of SEO gone bad and too many disillusioned business owners on the web today from less-than-reputable internet marketing service providers.

As a full service search engine optimization and marketing firm we have a variety of services available. We always get the right solution for each and every site we work on. Each site is unique as is it’s owners and staff and budgetary limitations. No such thing as cookie-cutter SEO here.

Just as a web developer needs to know HTML, we believe that a search optimizer should know a thing or two about search engines. Reliable SEO is always on the cutting edge of not only the SEO industry, but search patents and the information retrieval world.

Principle Staff

David Harry is an award winning and renowned SEO that has been in the internet marketing industry since 1998. He is best known for his work on search algorithms and breaking them down into layman's terms for all to understand.

He writes at our sister site, Search News Central and has also written for, or is writing for, other websites such as; Search Engine Watch - Search Engine Land - Search Engine Journal - Web Pro News

He was also been quoted in news publications such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Media Post, to name a few.

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Terry Van HorneTerry Van Horne AKA Webmaster T comes to the industry from a career in inbound and outbound marketing starting with building websites and developing Internet marketing skills in 1995. Webmaster T’s World of Design is one of the oldest resources for SEO content on the net. T started programming and working with enterprise level Windows IIS platform systems in 1998 working with one of Canada's largest REIT's and New Homes Developers culminating in the New Homes website winning a website of the year award from the Local MLS. Terry has also developed a shopping cart and a highly successful career in ecommerce management.

Terry is also the Founder of SeoPros (the first SEO Organization) becoming Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals a consumer information and Professional Development site for SEO.

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Look Who's talking!!

Terry and Dave can also be heard from the various podcasts they do around the industry including;

SEO Dojo Radio – our own SEO related podcasts called the Regulators (news) and Search Geeks Speak (interviews). We're been at that since Oct. 2010 and it has been yet another great avenue for networking and being part of the SEO industry.

Search Geeks Speak PodcastRegulators Search News Podcast

Webmaster Radio – been on nearly a dozen times so far including stints on SEM Synergy, Webcology and SEO 101.



Our other properties;

We not only provide SEO services but are also well entrenched in the SEO industry itself. From reporting to training, we're constantly staying on top of the latest, cutting edge, approaches. Many times we're the leaders of change. Here are some of our other sites;

  • The SEO Training Dojo – was started in late 2009 and has a membership base of over 300 SEO professionals. It is a paid community that has become one of THE go-to locales for those training in SEO. -
  • Search News Central – was the evolution as we started a search marketing news site in late 2010. This site currently has 12 authors and is fast becoming one of the top sites in the industry.
  • Fire Horse Trail – David's (original) blog which is now 5 years old - more than 450 posts there on a variety of topics. It won industry awards (the SEMMYs) in both 2009 and 2010 (for best technical blog).

Our other sites


If there is one thing that we bring to the table it is that if we don't know something, we know someone that does. Between our contacts in the industry and our 300+ member strong community, we get answers. We have access to crowd-sourcing. We have well vetted contractors that have worked with us for years. Reliable SEO is well equipped for battle. And we hate to lose.


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